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In the Year 2000 - West Bolz 1/18/2012


In the Year 2000

We'll have flying cars

We'll send a man to Mars

We'll all be movie stars

We'll have atomic guitars


There'll be no more war

You'll be hungry no more

You'll have a robot maid

Everyone gets laid


Take a pleasure cruise to the moon

Walk around the block with your pet baboon

In the year 2000


We'll have computer brains

You can turn off the rain

There will be no crime

We will travel thru time


Money will be free

You can marry a tree

The aliens land

We'll be the world's biggest band


We'll tour the seas in our submarine

Living underwater cause the ocean's so clean!

In the Year 2000


We'll all speak Chinese

Walt Disney unfreeze!

No dog will have fleas

You can do what you please


You'll get a laser shave

All the dirt will be paved

You'll have X-ray eyes

Nobody dies


We will usher in a golden age

Of peace and harmony in all the nations of the world

Love will spread across the land from New York City to Japan

Science fiction will become real

And all diseases will be healed


Clock into work one hour a day

Just say the word and they'll double your pay

In the Year 2000

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